Vertically integrated expertise

LNWA approaches every assignment with an understanding that the project has a unique set of characteristics and stakeholders. Ultimately, our job is to identify the stakeholders and their goals—and then marry these goals with the specific circumstances of a development project. Although our role on each project may vary, we view every endeavor as a partnership—between developers, municipal officials, neighborhood groups, investors, contractors and, ultimately, our residents.

Our approach distinguishes us from others; we value the opportunity to work on a diverse team and we are comfortable serving in several capacities, ranging from traditional developer-owner to joint-venture partner. Most importantly, our primary focus is on opportunities to work with people and organizations that are committed to the things that, we believe, define successful projects; a spirit of collaboration, a desire for shared success and a view toward long-term relationships.

Development Services

LNWA takes great pride, and has significant experience, in collaborating with organizations who share our goal of community impact through the avenue of housing. This shared goal guides every partnership discussion.

LNWA can incorporate the following services into a comprehensive strategy:

  • Pre-development due diligence
  • Construction scope of work and pricing
  • Financial feasibility and underwriting
  • Relationship management of lenders, investment syndicators, and regulatory agencies
  • Social service coordination including leveraging our in-house professionals to develop long-term best practices
  • Engagement and oversight of third-party professionals (design, engineering, appraisal, and sustainability consultants)
  • Resolution of legacy partnership issues