Many hands, one vision

Each division of LNWA works in concert with one another to create a reliable and proven development outcome. Whether you are our resident or our partner, the LNWA commitment remains the same: delivering and maintaining attractive, comfortable and affordable homes.

Who we are

LNWA is mission-driven housing company. Each housing development in which the company is involved models an affordability component.

The company founder and namesake, Leon N. Weiner, was a tireless advocate for the development of housing to serve people of all income levels. During Leon’s prodigious career, he was named Housing Person of the Year by the National Housing Conference and the Fair Housing Person of the Year by the United State Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He served on President Lyndon Johnson’s Kaiser Commission on Urban Housing, which led to the cornerstone Housing Act of 1968. Leon also served on the White House Commission on Aging and the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing. He was a Director for the Federal Home Loan Bank, President of the National Association of Home Builders and President of the National Housing Conference. In 1979, Leon was inducted in the National Association of Home Builders’ Housing Hall of Fame, where he has been recognized as “…the conscience of the housing industry in America….”

What we do


We are a full service real estate development and acquisitions company.


Our company has the diversified talent to handle every project from concept to completion.


Arbor Management prioritizes attractive, safe housing and resident well-being.

Impact Capital

The organic outgrowth of our commitment to underserved communities. LNWA looks for creative and sustainable ways to couple resources for maximum impact.

LNWA Properties

LNWA properties include affordable housing, hospitality and residential. We are vertically integrated from development through construction and management.